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Company: Jiangsu Yuxing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd
Name: Mr. Chen
Position: Sales Director
Tel: +86 510 8711 0080
          +86 187 9568 1666
Fax: +86 510 8711 0688
E-mail: ct@yuxingpigment.com
Address:No.99 East HongTa Road, Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province,214201, P.R.China

Company News
Happy New Year’s Day
Publish Time:2018.04.29  Views:
    New year's day, a beautiful song of praise, a beautiful scenery, a new era's starting line, a fulcrum supporting the future.

    New year's day, farewell to the old, new year's day, the day of celebration, day for singing and dancing. Happy New Year's day!