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Company: Jiangsu Yuxing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd
Name: Mr. Chen
Position: Sales Director
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E-mail: ct@yuxingpigment.com
Address:No.99 East HongTa Road, Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province,214201, P.R.China

Company News
“Yixing Red ” will be popular
Publish Time:2017.09.30  Views:

Yixing has good name of “ Tea sea” and it is the earliest tea area in china. Recent years,Yixing invests about 17 million to reform old tea plant. Now, acreage of  tea plant in Yixing is 75 thousand mu and yearly production of red tea is near 2300 tons and this is about 40% of total tea production in yixing which will help yixing earn 0.12 billion.and now yixing red tea has another name of “Yixing Red”

According to expert of xu qun feng, Yixing started to plant tea from donghan and became popular in tang dynasty. In tang,Luyu has good comments on yixing tea and then yixing tea goes into palace.According history, yangxian tea originates from jinya tea and in qing dynasty, yixing starts to produce ted tea,by several process and then finally produce red tea. In 1996,,the high standard red tea “ zhuhai tea” is confirmed by wuxi nd becomes the only confirmed tea product in jiangsu. Yuxing ,which is established in yixing becomes the largest iron oxide pigment manufacture in china and yuxing red is named as “ Jiangsu famous brand”

In order to promote yixing red tea, yixing produces “yangxian tea” and “Yixing red” and now “yangxian tea” has national brand and “ Yixing red” also pass the confirmation.